Examining Marine Climate Change on Appledore Island, ME

This summer I will be teaching a one-week course (June 25 to July 2) for the Shoals Marine Laboratory run by University of New Hampshire (UNH) and Cornell University. Hands-on inquiry research during this course will encourage students to examine alterations to the marine environment due to global climatic changes. Students will use a variety of publicly available spatial datasets and smartphone applications to envision future shorelines. Guest lectures and fieldwork will be led by local and regional marine and climate scientists and involve examination of changes to the littoral zone, Gulf of Maine, and the world's oceans more broadly. Topics covered in this one-week field course include: Examining evidence that the Earth's climate is changing, the greenhouse effect and natural forcings on global climate, sea-level rise, alterations to ocean chemistry and temperature, marine ecological impacts, human coastal impacts, and possible policy solutions.

For more information on registering for this course, check out our course page here. You might also be interested in the course flier from UNH or the flier from Cornell University.